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Now No More Troubles With Periods

Teenage are the days of enjoyment. It is the time that normally a human body is at the stage of metabolic development. Some markable changes are brought to our bodily activities that may include physical changes, voice modulation as well as internal bodily changes. Girls are the ones who undergo greater metabolic changes. This is the time when girls enter to their menstrual stage.

As changes are undertaking within the body it is quite usual that most of the girls suffer from many gynecologic issues like;

Painful Periods:
A pain during women's menstrual condition is a normal issue. This does not require any treatment but some may use some home treatments for it. This pain known as Dysmenorrhea, occurs due to the contraction of muscular walls and blood vessels lining the womb that cuts off the blood and oxygen supply to the uterus. This lack of oxygen makes uterus to release chemicals and this is what causes pain. This is primary Dysmenorrhea which is normal in every menstrual cycle. But there is a secondary Dysmenorrhea which hints to some disorders in the reproductive system. These cramps may begin 2-3 days before the menstruation, and remains for few days when bleeding stops suddenly.

Heavy Periods:
Many girls suffer from a problem of heavy periods or Menorrhagia. They say that they undergo heavy periods and this blood flow cannot be measured during menstrual cycle. This heavy periods can occur due to some physical problems or due to some hormone imbalance. In case if some misses their menstrual cycle then it is usual that they'll get heavy periods for the next time. A women is considered to experience heavy periods if;
  • Periods lasts for more than 7 days
  • If more than 6 sanitary pads are used per day
  • If pads are to be changed at every 2 hours
  • More blood loss leading to anaemic condition
  • Painful periods due to strong contraction of uterine walls
  • Menstrual periods having more blood clots

Absence of Periods:
Absence of periods is very common in teenagers nowadays. They may get their periods after 21 days or between 35 to 40 days, rather than 28 days. Most of them are unaware of their proper menstrual cycle and get their periods without any indications. Therefore they should always be prepared for the sudden bleeding. Teens hormone system starts to develop after they attain maturity. So it is quite normal that they have their periods skipped or irregular. But this irregularity will however get stabilized in or within 2 years.

Abnormal Bleeding:
Teens and adults can experience abnormal periods due to many reasons. Some of those common causes are Fibroids, Polyps and Adenomyosis. It is always safe to subject those to examination, so that to detect the actual cause of this abnormality. Normally grils are said to have abnormal periods at following conditions;
  • Periods date is unpredictable for an individual
  • Having periods twice or thrice a month
  • Heavy menstrual flow and severe pain is experienced
  • Periods lasting for more than seven days

Treatments for teenage gynaec issues:
Treatment for any teenage gynecologic cases are planned only after the clear examination of the problems. Most of the cases can be solved by medical treatment that may include the prescription of hormonal drugs, which may help to balance the hormones and thereby control the bleeding.
At some adverse cases, surgical treatments, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, endometrial ablation or uterine artery embolation, such treatments are also adopted.

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