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Endometriosis Treatment Kerala

Motherhood is divine. To yearn for it without success is depressing. Endometriosis, one of the common reasons for infertility in women, is a disorder affecting the female reproductive system. Women having this disorder often experience severe pain in the lower abdominal and pelvic areas, mostly during periods. This pain elevates and continues beyond the cycle. In some cases, they are accompanied by pain during urination and bowel movement.

Endometriosis is said to occur when the tissues, also called uterine walls, that are found inside the uterus starts to grow outside it. They cover the fallopian tube, pelvic region and ovaries in most cases. The walls also known as endometrial tissues acts as normal wall linings, thickening, breaking up and bleeding. Since an exit is absent, it flows back and sticks on to the organs in the pelvic area effectively sticking them together thereby hampering fertility.

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Although many possible reasons for this condition has been discussed, the actual cause of endometriosis is yet to be found. Several risk factors mentioned as a cause for developing this disorder are getting your periods at a very younger age, never giving birth, low BMI (Body Mass Index), short menstrual cycles ranging less than 27 days, alcohol consumption, uterine abnormalities and a family history of the disease.
Endometriosis, a disease often misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or pelvic inflammation disease (PID) is highly curable.
Treatment of Endometriosis:
The treatment option includes hormone therapy, conservative surgeries, pain medications, assisted reproductive technologies and in severe cases hysterectomy.
NyleWomen’s and Children’s Super Specialty Hospital, Thrissur, Kerala provides quality treatment in gynaecology and obstetrics. With a delivery suit of 4000 square feet and twin operation theatres, it offers all advanced treatments for infertility too. Endometriosis, laparoscopic and other gynaecological surgeries carried out here are affordable and reliable.

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