Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Cosmetic and plastic surgery : Art of Making you Beautiful

Cosmetic-plastic-surgery includes cosmetic surgery such as tummy tuck, facelift, liposuction, hand/microsurgery, cranio facial surgery, breast reconstructive surgery, and maxilla facial trauma. Plastic surgeons can help to reshape the looking of the body parts by cosmetic surgery. 

Some of the most common body parts that people want to improve by surgery are
  • Face- for removing acne scars, creases, and facial wrinkles
  • Eyes- removing puffy bags closer to the head or correcting upper eyelids
  • Ears- reducing the size of large ears or set swollen ears back nearer to the head
  • Breasts- reducing or increasing the size of breasts or reshaping sagging breasts
  • Nose- reshaping the nose
  • Tummy- flatten the abdomen
  • Hair- cover the balding areas 

Cosmetic-plastic-surgery uses the modern technologies and techniques that have high standard of surgical expertise for truly provide a world class experience to the patient. Cosmetic-plastic-surgery has an aim to provide a natural appearance of the body parts through cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic-plastic-surgery treatments understand the proportions and balance of the face and body and provide results that enhance and restore the body natural look. 
Cosmetic-plastic-surgery offers reconstructive treatments and surgeries. The highly advanced and non-surgical options includes BOTOX, fillers, and laser techniques for skin lightening, skin tightening, hair removal, treatment of acne scars/ pimples, scar removal and tattoo removal. Cosmetic-plastic-surgery conducts cosmetic & reconstructive surgeries, which completes patient’s requirements into reality in a natural and safe way. Cosmetic-plastic-surgery provides an array of options to improve the looking and function of the patient as needed by them. 
Nyle women’s and children super-specialty hospital known as the best Women's Superspeciality Hospital  in Thrissur has state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology, and best plastic surgery doctors. The hospital has fully equipped procedure suites, followed international standard protocols to ensure world-class medical care, zero infection zones and a team of highly experienced specialists in cosmetic surgery. The doctors in plastic surgery have wide experience in performing all types of surgeries such as cosmetic, reconstructive, and micro vascular.

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