Thursday, 28 September 2017

Child Wellness- We Take Care Of Your Young Ones

We help your family learn lifestyle changes to help reduce the health risks related to excessive weight gain in your child. This unique program offers a team approach to support your family in improving your child’s long-term health and quality of life. We look at the medical, nutritional, social, physical and emotional aspects of weight gain in your child. We recognize the importance of a family approach and that each family is different. We will learn about your goals and needs and work with you to meet them. 

The aspect of child wellness is most important in raising healthy children. Child wellness is focused on the physical as well as the emotional health of a child. It is important to nurture and strengthened child health in a right way. Child wellness also includes mental wellness of a child. A wellness attitude is required to provide a child a vibrant health which is free of diseases, mental problems or stress and provide a control on our own body. 
It is important to teach and help a child to grow with an attitude of wellness. The aim of child wellness is to provide guidance to the family to understand the best support system for a child whole wellness. A whole child wellness includes many aspects. They are
  • Physical development 
  • Nutrition and eating 
  • Hearing, language, and speech 
  • Dental care
  • Vision care
  • Activities and exercises
  • Sports injuries and safety
  • Safety and injury prevention 
  • Sleep disorders 

Child wellness facility in a hospital provides many services for children and their families such as immunization, special health care needs, early intervention and prevention from sports injuries. Child wellness program also provides information about child care options, health insurance options, prevention methods, healthy environment and many others. 
Child wellness includes some programs such as 

  • Childhood health which provides information about asthma, diabetes, healthy foods, special health care needs and much more 
  • Child mental health and development which provides information about autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, childhood depression, mental disabilities and much more.
  • Childhood safety which provides information about child care, bed bugs, head lice, animal safety, toy safety and much more.

Child wellness is promoting the well-being and care of infants, children, and adults. The program provides a key focus on the development of various fields of child growth to promote healthy generation. 
Nyle women’s and children super-specialty hospital, Thrissur has been founded and developed child wellness program for the help of families and children. The hospital has all the facilities to treat children with care and passion.
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